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You Don’t Need Epsom Salts when Liver Flushing


See also – my liver flush with no gallbladder or epsom salts article and photo.
It is a myth that you must use Epsom salts when doing a olive oil and lemon juice liver flush. You don’t need the Epsom salts. I know this by experience. I have done more than one successful liver flush without Epsom salts and passed many stones without pain or any problems.

When you drink a glass of water, you gallbladder secretes bile. It’s very sensitive. Therefore, if you drink the recommended Epsom salts and water four and two hours before the olive oil and lemon juice, you interrupt your bile build up in the liver and gallbladder for later which you want at it’s highest capacity in order to do a very successful flush. Olive oil itself will lubricate your bile ducts and help them expand. Read the rest of this entry

Liver flush with no Epsom Salts


I have no gallbladder but I still pass stones when liver flushing.   I do a slightly modified liver flush with no Epsom salts. Please read my other article at this blog why it’s not necessary.  


Follow the same method as Hulda Clarke or Andreas Moritz but eliminate the Epsom. 

Have a oil free vegan breakfast and lunch perhaps raw only or do a Granny Smith apple juice and water fast until 2pm. 

From 2pm to 7pm don’t consume anything. 

At 7pm, drink the olive oil and lemon juice. Go to bed on your right side and fall asleep. If 7pm is too early then you can do it later.  There’s no hard and fast rule but waiting till 10pm is getting a little late. 

Are gallstones olive oil and lemon juice?

Green gallstones are not olive oil and lemon juice. When I did this flush, for 4.5 days all I drank was apple juice and ate one apple a day.  My bowel movements were light brown every day.   Read the rest of this entry

Dr Mercolas gallbladder diet


These foods hasten gallstone removal:


Radish also remove stones, so, for the entire 21 days eat 1-2 radishes a day between meals and drink three cups of cleavers tea or five cups of chamomile tea a day.

For every 160 pounds of body weight use five teaspoons of cold-pressed flax seed oil. Pour the flax oil over your food during one meal of the day or divide into half and use on two meals. Take the flax oil six days a week for two months.

Save your gallbladder!!!


Avoiding Gallbladder Surgery


Gallbladder problems? Watch the video below and either buy his product or this

Don’t remove your gallbladder if you can help it. It’s your liver that’s the problem. The gallbladder is a very important organ.

A new customer refuse gallbladder surgery, after not getting any relief from other alternative treatments. In this video, Dr Schulze describes his natural treatments and herbal medicines for removing gallstones, and explains exactly how his Flush works to flush the stones out of the gallbladder. He also explains his herbs before knives statement. Finally, he tells about a hepatic surgeon that changed his mind about performing gallbladder surgery and now follows Dr Schulze’s programs.