Forks Over Knives Lies and Olive Oil


Forks over Knives the documentary has to be the most flawed evidence I’ve seen against olive oil.  They state that the Mediterranean diet is healthy because of the fruit and vegetable content. Have any of these FOK people been to Greece? Doubt it. Greeks eat as much fruit and veg as Aussies. It’s the olive oil!

Facts – VIRGIN or EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil is just the juice of the olives and It’s composition in fatty acids and oder minor components like polyphenols is proven to have healthy effects, including in coronary diseases because it is not refined and doesn’t cause inflammation in our arteries (which causes deposition of cholesterol) like margarine, vegetables oils and olive oil (not virgin).

Plant oils liquify at body temperature. Animal fats solidify. Extra virgin olive oil is COLD PRESSED. It is not refined like white sugar or flour. It is cold pressed. Can’t even be compared. Olive does not clog your arteries! Only animal fats that contain cholesterol does that. Bad cholesterol is only found in one source – ANIMAL FATS! All oils breakdown loose flavour and nutrients, and can develop potentially harmful compounds when you apply heat. olive oils high antioxidant content is especially resistant to these changes. One common myth is that heating olive oil will make it saturated or trans-fatty. This is not true. As far as making a saturated fat, according to Dr. A. Kiritsakis, a world renowned oil chemist in Athens, in his book Olive Oil from the Tree to the Table -Second edition 1998, all oils will oxidize and hydrogenate to a tiny degree if repeatedly heated to very high temperatures such as is done in commercial frying operations. Olive-pomace oils and virgin olive oils are both highly monounsaturated oils and therefore resistant to oxidation and hydrogenation.


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