Join my new Facebook group – Coffee Enema Support!

Join my new Facebook group – Coffee Enema Support!

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I posted.  As you may know, I have no gallbladder and it was an operation I regret.  But I’ve found an alternative therapy that is easy, cheap and can be done daily.

I highly recommend you also try coffee enemas!

I had to start a new support group on Facebook because of an over zealous admin at the original group. So I started my own! I seem to get banned from health Facebook groups often because I say the wrong thing, ask a question and lately because I promote my coffee enema support group or recommended a therapy the admin didn’t like. Who else is tired of domineering overbearing women on Facebook who let the power of admining a group get to their head?

Don’t delay! Join the coffee enema support group now!

Benefits of coffee enemas:

  • Fastest way to detox your liver
  • Removes parasites
  • Removes candida
  • Removes toxins
  • Clearer head
  • Better bowel movements

Don’t forget to hydrate alot. Coffee is a diuretic. Dr Gerson recommends apple and carrot juice before and after a coffee enema.

See you at the group!


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