Liver flush with no Epsom Salts


I have no gallbladder but I still pass stones when liver flushing.   I do a slightly modified liver flush with no Epsom salts. Please read my other article at this blog why it’s not necessary.  


Follow the same method as Hulda Clarke or Andreas Moritz but eliminate the Epsom. 

Have a oil free vegan breakfast and lunch perhaps raw only or do a Granny Smith apple juice and water fast until 2pm. 

From 2pm to 7pm don’t consume anything. 

At 7pm, drink the olive oil and lemon juice. Go to bed on your right side and fall asleep. If 7pm is too early then you can do it later.  There’s no hard and fast rule but waiting till 10pm is getting a little late. 

Are gallstones olive oil and lemon juice?

Green gallstones are not olive oil and lemon juice. When I did this flush, for 4.5 days all I drank was apple juice and ate one apple a day.  My bowel movements were light brown every day.  

I drank 2.5 litres of apple juice plus 2 litres of water daily for 4.5 days and then had nothing after 2pm on day 5 and then drank 1.5 cups of olive oil and lemon juice at 7pm and went to bed. No need for Epsom salts. Read here why: Why you don’t need Epsom Salts.

At 10am next morning I passed these in the same colour light brown bowel movement.

Plant fats liquify at body tempreature. Not solidify. If you put olive oil in the fridge, it solidifies but can’t in our 37 degree body tempreatures.

I did the flush at



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