How to get rid of Grey Hair with Black Strap Molasses


One of the most shining examples of ‘turning the clock back’ I know is that of a world champion wrestler of the later 1930’s whom I recently had the good fortune to meet.

Bob’s health was adequate at the peak of his career, but by his own admission, his diet was poor. When his career ended, and with it, exercise, his health went to pieces.

Bob finally reached the stage where he was crippled with agonising arthritic pain day an night, looked 15 years older than his actual age, and his hair had not only turned grey, it was coming out in large patches. After extensive orthodox medical treatment with drugs, Bob was finally told there was no hope, he had 6 weeks to live.

Providentially, during that six weeks, he was directed to a consulting nutritionist and 6 weeks later, instead of being dead, he was playing golf! When I saw him he was handsome, lithe, pain-free, rosy-cheeked and his hair had grown in, a beautiful, natural glossy black. The regeneration took between two and three years. I have the before and after pictures as proof.

I asked him about his nutritional program. When I asked him if he knew precisely what had helped recolor and grow back his thinning, balding, hair, he answered that he thought it was due to BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES, which on top of all the other ‘wonder foods’ he had taken daily.

I later told Bob’s story in a lecture and was promptly and rightly challenged on the basis that his case might have been an isolated one and that blackstrap might not do the same thing for others. So I began researching for other cases, which I found.

To date I have rounded up reports of seven people who achieved similar results with hair recolouring. All were relying on a complete nutritional program. In addition, they took 2 tablespoons of blackstrap molasses daily. One woman who had been a coffee addict, as a substitute added a teaspoon of blackstrap to a cup of hot water every time she craved coffee, and was surprised to find it palatable. (it tastes awful but just think about what its doing to your hair and appearance!)

There is no mystery about the ingredients of blackstrap. It contains all B vitamins and minerals including iron and copper, all components used in natural recolouring of animal fur.

The length of time necessary for hair recolouring in these cases varied. Bob told me he noticed some results within six months. A young man in his twenties lost grey streaks of hair within an incredible two weeks! For the most part, however, about a year elapsed before most people achieved results. On 40-plus woman, prematurely grey since she was 18, acquired beautiful brunette hair. Another woman turned into a gorgeous redhead and, of course, was accused of dying her hair.

The most amusing instance was that told me by a doctor. A patient of his, 83 years old, began eating blackstrap molasses on a piece of bread every night at bedtime and later exhibited a head of flaming red hair, much to the consternation of his relatives.
Blackstrap should be used conditionally. Unless it is diluted (or the mouth rinsed afterward), it can stick to the teeth, and like any other sweet, cause tooth erosion. It is also a powerful laxative so it must be added gradually until you become accustomed to it. I do not know if blackstrap will recolor hair for everyone. If you have success sore failure after a years fair trial, please let me know.

Health Through Nutrition – Page 131-132,


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  1. Just read your article. I stopped dying my hair a few months ago. Started taking blackstrap a couple of days ago. I can keep you posted with before/after pictures if you want.

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