Why I Love Carrot Juice


I’ve been feeling like the walking dead for too long and believe I found the cure. I bought a large bag of carrots and made some juice and I instantly felt better.

I decided to Google and I found this:

Consuming 2-3 pints a day of fresh raw carrot juice is one of the best ways to detox your liver. Drinking this much carrot juice may result in an orange tinge in the skin. You may have heard rumors that this is caused by carotene. This is false information. If this were the case beets would turn you red and spinach would turn you green. The orange tinge one may receive is due to the toxic bile being purged from the liver by the mega-dose of carrot juice. The bloodstream can’t remove the bile fast enough via the kidneys, so it’s purged through skin. Thank you epidermis! So you do not have to worry about turning orange when and if your liver is clean, no matter how much carrot juice you drink.

Drinking carrot juice – if the skin develops a yellow, “jaundiced” hue, this is due to the congealed bile breaking up to be eliminated. According to Dr. John R. Christopher, “Whenever the liver and gall bladder are in malfunction, and we drink carrot juice or other herbs to assist the organs to cleanse themselves, the yellow will show until the liver and gall bladder are cleaned out. As soon as this job is done the yellow fades away from the skin and the eyes, and a new, fresh, healthy complexion appears. Then drinking even more carrot juice will cause no further yellow tinge to the skin as long as the liver and gall bladder are in a good, healthy condition.”

Drinking carrot juice can help you get rid of dermatitis and eczema.

I’m going to overdose on it until I’m not yellow anymore.





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