Apple Juice Therapy



Dr John Christopher:

As one of the greatest herbs and blood purifiers known, we have the most common fruit, the apple with over 2000 varieties. The chemical breakdown of the apple shows why it has such great value in healing. As Dr Edward E states in his Advanced Treatise in Herbology:

There is no other remedial herb in the whole range of known therapeutic agents that can compare with the apple tree, and although it would be difficult to say which of its many varieties is the greatest, we suggest that its abundance of nascent oxygen compound is probably the main reason why it is such a precious food, blood purifier, and unfailing remedy for so many forms of disease (307).

Fresh apple juice is best, if obtainable, otherwise buy any bottled apple juice that has no preservatives or additives, pure apple juice.

After beginning with sixteen ounces of prune juice first thing in the morning, within one half an hour take an eight ounce glass (regular size tumbler full) of undiluted apple juice.

Swish each mouthful with saliva mixed with it.

Juice must not be gulped. In this way the full value will be obtained and there will be no danger of regurgitation or having it act as an emetic to a weak stomach, but will be very soothing and affable. This procedure will also work well with the pancreas in case of high or low sugar level, with no bad side effects.

Drink two litres of apple juice a day for three or five days.

Do not be unduly alarmed if you feel somewhat weak during or after this detoxification. Nature uses our energies for a housecleaning within us, and we soon regain greater energy and vitality as a result of a cleaner and healthier body. It is good to do the three day cleanse monthly or several times a year.

If there is the slightest tendency toward appendicitis, we would also take high enemies using catnip tea or tea made of three parts red raspberry leaf and one part lobelia – taking two or more enemas daily for one week or longer if necessary.


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