My Herb and Vegie Garden


The herb garden;

This is overgrown due to the rich organic soil Italian parsley. It’s actually going to seed;

This silver beet is a lighter green than the one you buy in shops. It grew from seed from a previous patch I pulled out. I often steam it and having it with some lemon juice, olive oil and salt;

I’m letting my Basil go to seed with the hope of it producing more smaller plants. You can never have enough Basil;

This is wild Greek Oregano; it tends to take over a bit;

I planted Thyme close to Marjoram and the two seem to be crashing into each other;

I wonder if the Marjoram is going to seed;

This tomato grew from a squashed tomato I think. I’m not sure what variety it is;

This is mint, spearmint and peppermint. Three different mint plants. See if you can guess which is what;

This is a Roma tomato seedling I planted a few weeks ago in a hurry to get in before the season is over;

My sad giant Kalamata olive tree I transplanted to a pot isn’t looking too happy. I wonder if it’s dead;


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  1. I love your monster parsley and basil! We had a basil plant at our old place that was so big it was almost as tall as me and about a metre or more wide! We called it Rehan (Hebrew for ‘basil’) lol

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